Ontario-Based Resources

This is your go-to place for Ontario-based resources on the continuum of gender-based violence. Specifically, the resources relate to professional training/curriculums and prevention campaigns.

If you know of a resource that belongs on this site, please contact vawln@uwo.ca.

The “In Search of your warrior” program for Aboriginal offenders: A preliminary evaluation (2005)

Author(s): S. Trevethan, J.P. Moore & N. Allegri. Correctional Service of Canada

This project examined the “In Search of Your Warrior” (ISOYW) program, an intervention developed for federally-incarcerated, male Aboriginal offenders with a history of violence. The program blends aspects of traditional Aboriginal spirituality with western approaches to treatment. Participants demonstrate lower need for intervention targeting personal distress, family issues, substance abuse, and community functioning. Recommendations for improving the program are offered.

There is No Honour in Violence! (2014)

Author(s): Barbra Schlifer Clinic and South Asian Legal Clinic

The Barbra Schlifer Clinic in partnership with the South Asian Legal Clinic (SALCO) developed a free online training course focused on increasing the safety of young women at risk or experiencing forced marriage and ‘honour’ related violence.  The training is survivor-informed and intended to help frontline workers provide effective support for women fleeing or currently living in a family violence situation that stems from ‘honour’.  The training is conducted through an online forum facilitated by an instructor.

Towards a Conceptual Framework: Trauma, Family Violence and Health (2016)

Author(s): Learning Network and Knowledge Hub 

The authors review the health outcomes of trauma within the context of IPV and child maltreatment.  Three theoretical models and their relevance to trauma-informed health promotion for survivors are presented.  Incorporating the model of SAMHSA, a trauma-informed health framework is described that provides the foundation for developing values, principles and competencies for trauma-informed and developmentally sensitive health promotion.

Training for Change: Practical Tools for Intersectional Workshops (2010)

Author(s): Rainbow Health Network

This 2010 publication by the Rainbow Health Network provides various tools and exercises that can be used for leading workshops on intersectionality.

Training for survivors, frontline workers and volunteers (2012)

Author(s): Nneka MacGregor

In this short video, Nneka MacGregor, the Executive Director of WomenatthecentrE, discusses the multiple training initiatives to help support survivors of gendered violence.  The initiatives are aimed at survivors, frontline workers and volunteers with a focus on developing the capacity and abilities of survivors to engage in advocacy and use their lived experience to inform policy and practice.

Training Social Work Students in Domestic/Sexual Violence Work: Key findings from the literature (2015)

Author(s): Learning Network

Several research studies have been conducted recently evaluating students' preparedness for working with victims and survivors of domestic violence, particularly in the field of social work.  Some key findings from these studies are summarized. This review includes publications from 2009 to 2015.  There were no Canadian studies identified for inclusion in this review.

Trans Inclusion Pocket Guide: Centring Trans Women in Our Work (2016)

Author(s): Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative

This 2017 pocket guide by Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) is the result of months of intensive thought, consultations and research, and it includes the lived experience of trans women living in Ontario. It is a response to the definitive requests by WHAI workers for a resource to support the critical work of trans inclusivity. The guide is meant to start ongoing conversation to challenge assumptions, biases and systemic discrimination faced by many marginalized communities.

Transforming our Communities: Report from the Domestic Violence Advisory Council for the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues (2009)

Author(s): Domestic Violence Advisory Council for the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

In 2007, the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues established the Ontario Domestic Violence Advisory Council (DVAC).  The purpose of the DVAC is to provide recommendations to improve services and supports for abused women and their children.  This 2009 report outlines recommendations made by the DVAC under the following five key areas: access and equity; the legal response; education and training; threat assessment and risk management; and child welfare.

Transgendered People in Ontario, Canada: Statistics from the Trans PULSE Project to Inform Human Rights Policy (2015)

Author(s): Trans PULSE

The purpose of this report is to summarize key research results from the Trans PULSE Project that may be useful in discussions, debates or policy creation related to human rights in multiple jurisdictions. As Trans PULSE results have been used by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and are heavily cited in the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s 2014 policy on gender identity and discrimination, [the authors] sought to create a summary of research findings that have been of greatest interest with regard to human rights issues.

Truck Stop Campaign (2012)

Author(s): Persons Against the Crime of Trafficking in Humans Ottawa (PACT-Ottawa)

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about trafficking in persons, specifically amongst the trucking industry and provide education to communities across the province with the overall goal of reaching national and international audiences. The TruckSTOP campaign targets the transport industry with the belief that truck drivers may travel the same routes as traffickers and may witness suspicious activities. The campaign provides drivers and truck stop visitors with information on how to identify trafficking and what to do when they suspect trafficking is occurring. Information is provided on posters, beverage coasters, podcasts, audio CD’s and radio productions. Materials are available free of charge.