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The Learning Network is a valuable source of evidence-informed resources for individuals, service providers, and organizations working to end violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV).

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Featured Resources


Issue 29: Thirty Years after the Montréal Massacre

This Issue highlights how misogyny was one of the factors fueling the fatal violence against 14 young female students on December 6, 1989.

We dedicate this Issue to the women killed in the Montréal Massacre and to all women and girls that have experienced and too often, died due to gender-based violence.

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Issue 28: Traumatic Brain Injury & Violence Against Women

This Issue will:

  • Examine the prevalence of IPV-related TBI
  • Share how a TBI can be recognized
  • Highlight how barriers complicate help-seeking
  • Provide resources that support women’s individual and collective resilience

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