Components of a Modified Logic Model for Reporting on Social Marketing Efforts Template (2014)
This template logic model organizes the evaluation process of a social marketing campaign.  The template helps to identify important variables that need to be measured in order to determine the overall effectiveness of the campaign efforts.

Core Competencies for Domestic Violence Training (2011)
A series of core competencies for domestic violence training were developed through the Knowledge Exchange: Workshop on Domestic Violence Training.  Workshop participants discussed their VAW training projects and offer lessons learned regarding program delivery and evaluation in a series of video interviews.

Eight Strategies for Doing the Work: Surfacing the Social Context of Sexual Violence in Therapeutic Settings (2014)
This tool contains eight strategies that counsellors/therapists can use to integrate a systemic understanding of sexual violence in their work with women.  These strategies and examples were developed by Nicole Pietsch, the Coordinator for the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.  For a full discussion see Pietsch, Nicole (April 2014).  Doing the Work: Surfacing the Social Context of Sexual Violence in Therapeutic Settings.  Learning Network Brief 19.

Research, Monitoring, and Evaluating VAW Social Marketing Campaigns Summary Chart (2014)
This Learning Network tool provides a summary guide for researching, monitoring, and evaluating VAW social marketing campaigns.  The guide helps to answer five key questions: What will be researched, monitored, and evaluated?  Why is this measurement important?  How will the measurements be conducted?  When during the campaign will the measurements be conducted? How much will the measurements cost?  To read a more detailed outline of the steps involved in researching, monitoring, and evaluating a VAW social marketing campaign, see Learning Network Brief 17.