Our Work

This collection of Learning Network resources is designed to synthesize and disseminate knowledge on topics related to gender-based violence (GBV). These resources provide foundational GBV knowledge, including commonly used language; identify important gaps and emerging issues; summarize recent research; and highlight important educational tools and resources.

All original materials produced by the Learning Network are open-access and can be re-used and re-distributed as long as there is proper recognition of the author and/or Learning Network.

Briefs - Learning Network Briefs (LN Briefs) are written by the Learning Network Team or other invited authors on topics featured in our website. The overarching goal of the Briefs is to translate knowledge on emerging and significant issues so that it will be accessible by a wide range of stakeholders and partners who are working to support survivors and to prevent violence against women and children.  Accordingly, the LN Briefs are short and are written in straight forward language. The focus of most LN Briefs is

  • to discuss emerging, controversial, and/or complex issues;
  • to summarize recent research findings in peer-reviewed publications

Infographics - This collection of infographics appeared originally in the Learning Network issue-based newsletters. We encourage you to share and use these images in your work and we always appreciate hearing how you use them at vawln@uwo.ca

Lexicon - The lexicon provides an extensive list of terms related to substantive GBV areas and is updated regularly to reflect new developments.

Newsletters - The Learning Network team produces and disseminates four e-newsletters per fiscal year as part of our mandate to mobilize knowledge on violence against women, including sexual and domestic violence, sexual harassment and stalking, and the effects of exposure to domestic violence on children.  Each newsletter has a primary focus (e.g., Sexual Violence; Human Trafficking) and highlights relevant information (e.g., resources), research, and promising practices.  Links to additional information and online resources are provided to enhance learning.  Currently, newsletters are electronically distributed to over 1000 Ontario recipients, largely individuals working in health, mental health, social services, education, and the justice system.  Please forward your contact information to vawln@uwo.ca to ensure that you receive our newsletters.

Reports - The Learning Network generates discussion papers based on the outcomes of knowledge exchanges and other events, evaluation reports, and topic-based technical reports on emerging issues. Also contained in this section are peer-reviewed journal articles authored by the Learning Network team.

Tools - This section contains a variety of tools developed by the Learning Network for evaluation, training, and education initiatives.

Webinars - The Learning Network hosts a series of webinars each year, delivered by community leaders and leading experts on a variety of topics related to gender-based violence. Webinar recording are approximately one hour and also include presentation slides and recommended resources.